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The investment casting process is the one single method of producing castings in all classes of high melting point metals with superior surface finish, high levels of detail, and dimensional accuracy. At the heart of the process is specialized tooling, used to produce the unique patterns and cores so important to our high quality investment castings.

At Jaguar Investcast, we understand the complexities of designing and building all of the specialized tooling required for each and every new application. We work with a team of die makers to design and manufacture all necessary tools to enable us to consistently produce the highest quality investment castings possible, at affordable prices.

Tooling For Wax Patterns

Lost wax injection tooling is a critical key element of what makes investment casting the unique foundry process that it is. These injection dies are used in high pressure molten wax presses at our facility to produce dimensionally accurate, high grade solid wax patterns, which form the basis for the next critical step of ceramic mold building, so they must be designed for ease of use, maximum efficiency, and durability.There are three main types of tooling used, wax pattern tooling soluble wax tooling, ceramic coring tooling.


Other Types of Tooling Used

Checking Gauges are sometimes required for castings in order to verify certain specific dimensions or characteristics of a casting during the manufacturing or inspection process.  If a checking gauge is required, it will be designed and built by JIC Engineers to ensure suitability for the application, or we can accept checking gauges from the customer for use in our facility.

Straightening Fixtures are usually required if a casting tends to move or distort during the casting process.  The need for straightening of castings is expected in many cases due to inherent design conditions which lend some castings to be less rigid than others, and in no way causes any damage to the integrity of the casting.  As with checking gauges, we are pleased to take care of the design and manufacture of any straightening fixtures required.


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